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National Collegiate Club Championships Eligibility

4.1. Introduction

The USA Rugby National Men's and Women's Collegiate Club Championships determine the collegiate club champions and are not intended to be an all star or representative competition.

In addition to meeting all of the General Eligibility Regulations , clubs and players participating in the applicable USA Rugby Championship Event must meet the following eligibility criteria and once a player is no longer able to achieve eligibility for the applicable USA Rugby Championship Event, that player is no longer eligible for any match that in any way leads to the applicable USA Rugby Championship Event:

4.2. Collegiate Club Eligibility

a) Each club must be recognized by the college/university.

b) Each club must be in good standing with the college/university.

c) Each club may carry an unlimited number of players on its roster.

4.3. Player Eligibility

In order to participate in any match that in any way leads to the applicable USA Rugby Championship Event, and through the National Collegiate Club Championship, the player must meet all of the following eligibility criteria at the time of competition :

a) Be within five (5) years of the moment the player first enrolled in a university, college or junior college, regardless of when the player started playing rugby or had the ability to start playing collegiate rugby. Any college courses that are taken during high school do not start the eligibility clock.

b) The player must be enrolled full-time and in good standing, as defined by the university or college registrar, and an undergraduate student seeking his/her first bachelor's degree. Exceptions:

1. A player in his/her final term may carry less than a full-time academic load and still maintain eligibility. This is only permitted if the player is a graduating senior and a letter from the Registrar confirming such status is obtained. This exception may only be used once.

2. A player may maintain eligibility after completing and or receiving an undergraduate degree if that player is enrolled full time in post-graduate studies (graduate school or pursuance of an additional Bachelor's Degree) provided the player is attending the same institution they received their first undergraduate degree from and the player still falls within his/her 5 years of collegiate eligibility.

c) The player must play on the team representing the school in which he/she is enrolled.

d)   Player must have played for the club in at least two (2) Competitive Matches after September 1 st at least a week apart from each other prior to participating in a TU playoff or championship. In the event a TU does not hold a playoff or championship, the matches must be played prior to the date the team qualifies for a USA Rugby Championship Event.

e) The player must not have played for any other club after September 1 st in a match that in any way leads to a USA Rugby Championship Event.

f) Players must meet and remain in compliance with all applicable amateur standards.